Versatile Chain Guide

Our 3-in-1 versatile chain allows you to choose how to style!

Style 1: Spruce up your sunnies!

Add a fun-yet-sophisticated embellishment to any pair
  • First determine how long you want it, my suggested length is about 30". To do this, count about 18 to 20 links from one side, then twist the link where you want to remove the excess to face the opened side of the subsequent link, then pull gently to separate the chain in 2 pieces.  
  • Use the 2 Non-slip rubber buckles included with your chain. Press the metallic ring trough the opened side of the link on both ends of the chain.
  • Pass the rubbers trough the sunglasses legs and slip until you reach the desired position. 
And guess what? You can use the remaining part to create a chic wristlet using your favorite Clutch!

Style 2: Turn your Clutch into a Crossbody!

Create a stylish Crossbody with your favorite Clutch, jus add the metallic hooks to each end of the chain, attach to a clutch with strap holders and you’re all set! 

Style 3:  Create a Statement Necklace!

1. Just connect the ends of the chain to create a double piece. 
2. Add a rubber to a link in one end and a metallic hook on the other end of the double chain. 
3. Twist and hook!